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Do You Need The Best Photo Booth Rentals For Your Party?

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Sweet 16

Why Get Help From A Sweet 16 Photo Booth Service?


You can enjoy working with a sweet 16 photo booth service if you have a girl in your family turning 16 soon. This kind of party represents the transition from girl to woman and having a booth to help get pictures of everyone during it can be enjoyable. There are a lot of other reasons why you’d want to get a booth, and that’s something that helps you to figure out if it’s worth investing in. Here are some reasons why a photo booth for a sweet 16 party or any other event would be fun!

A booth should be put together and taken down by a professional when possible. You may not know what to do, so you’ll be stuck with it not looking right or working well enough to be fun. Usually you can rent services from their employee along with a booth and it can be an enjoyable time because then you don’t have to worry about running it at all. When there’s someone helping, make sure you let them know what you want and if they can help you since you’ll be paying them.

Does it matter to you if there are different booth backgrounds to make photos even more fun? You can sometimes get them to bring backdrops, and these days it’s also easy to use digital technology to put in a different one after the pictures are taken. You should learn what kinds of backdrops there are and if they don’t have what the girl who the focus of the party is would like, ask if they can at least work with you to make it easier to get a background put in digitally through use of a flat color background in the booth.

Make an effort to keep the booth safe from damage when you are renting one. Some kids, for instance, may try to mess with it in a way they shouldn’t. They may also rough-house around it and that may cause some damages as well. Also be wary of letting adults that have been drinking around it because they may fall or do something else that makes you have to pay for the damages to the booth. Always just think of what the worst is that can happen, and then stop any problems that seem like they could develop into bad situations.

Photos can be printed out, given to you digitally, or both. You can ask them to not post anything to their work pages if you don’t want them to use the pictures for advertising. Most people will ask before they do something like that, but some will not tell you because they had something in the paperwork you signed saying they can do what they like with any digital photos from your event. If they will be printed out, then see what kind of photo paper you get them on because if they just do regular printer paper you’re better off going digital to print them yourself.

There are always going to be people out there that rent out booths thare are in poor shape. Some of these companies are shady and they make you sign something saying you’re going to pay for damages. Then, when you turn the booth back in you get charged because they say you did the damage to it. Make sure you don’t sign anything that says you’ll pay for anything if you can’t see it first. If there are damages or you just want to be safe, take a photograph of every angle of it so that you have proof of how it looked before you even used it.

A deal can be made if you want to try getting help from someone but don’t want to pay as much as they are asking for the rental. Ask for coupons or anything that they can do to make it more affordable, or you can ask to rent a smaller booth. It’s also possible for them to let you buy a booth that you can learn to operate on your own. If you’re always renting one then you may find it to be more cost effective to have your own.

A sweet 16 photo booth service or one for any other kind of event can be found for a cheap price. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself and make sure the day is special for the girl who is finally turning into a woman. Be certain that you are getting the right price on the booth and that it’s made well enough to have fun with. If you want things like props, then make sure you ask about that as well or you can always go to the store and buy your own to add to the mix.

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