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Learn How Corporate Photo Booth Services Can Help Your Business


When you run a business in the modern economy, you look for any edge you can get on competitors or anything out of the ordinary that helps you stand out from the pack. It helps to think outside the box, but sometimes the smart thing to do is to think inside the box, if that box is a corporate photo booth. Learn how corporate photo booth services can help your business succeed in the competitive field.

One way that photo booth services can help your company is by helping create a solid culture for your employees. It is a good idea to require your employees to have a good time use the photo booths to take pictures at your holiday gatherings or corporate parties. Photo booths are great for social interactions and bringing your employees close together. It is an awesome tool to break away from the serious business environment which will allow your co-workers to unwind and have a fun time. These photos are great for memories and it will help build a stronger bond within the company culture. It is awesome to see employees smiling, making silly faces in the photo booths and getting an instant print of the pictures for them to display at their personal work space.

Another way that your business can benefit from corporate photo booth services is at public fairs and festivals. If help sponsor that celebration or the festivities, then you likely will be permitted to put up a booth or a tent where you can advertise your products or services to the public and those in attendance. Since people are there primarily to have fun and not listen to sales pitches, you do need to provide some element of entertainment to get the crowds passing by to actually stop for a moment. A fun photo booth where kids, couples, or families can take funny pictures of themselves is a great way to accomplish this. Consider even having face-painting going on for kids, and parents might be willing to listen to your gentle sales pitches in exchange for their kids having a few minutes of fun in the shade.

Trade fairs, business conventions, and expos are another time and place that corporate photo booths can make sense for your business. Modern photo booths have the technology to involve custom backdrops and creative backgrounds in the photos that are taken, so if you are dealing with convention visitors that are not familiar with what your company does, let them have their picture taken in front of a mock scene of a day on the job for you. For instance, if you manufacture fire-fighting equipment, have a fire-fighting jacket, helmet, and plastic fire axe that people can wear in front of a mock fire and then let them have their picture taken busting down the imaginary door of a building in flames. Hand out the photos as free souvenirs with your company contact information on the bottom. These accomplish the same purpose as business cards but are a lot more fun.

In either of the two previous cases, make sure that anyone who gets their photo done know that they can share it instantly with family, friends, and colleagues on social media. If the photos are particularly fun and memorable, then this is a prime chance to get people to share fun images of themselves in imaginary and customized circumstances relevant to your business, which they are more than likely to do if they are good pictures. This is a tremendous opportunity to build your branding through social media, get free word of mouth advertising, and possibly even generate backlinks to your website.

Photo booths can also be used internally for purposes other than security and nametags. If you ever run a large party or picnic for your employees alone, or even if they bring friends and family along, a photo booth can provide just as much fun and entertainment to those who work for you as they do to convention visitors and festival attendees. If you really want to boost morale but also department cohesion and stoke some competitive spirits along the way, then running a contest to see which division or shift can have the funniest photos taken or the most accurate and elaborate costumes is a great thing to do for everyone to have a laugh, and maybe even a chance to come in out of dress code for a day. Many holidays lend themselves nicely to this, not just Halloween, so you can put a booth on your or near your work space floor anytime of year to brighten the mood.

Whether it is fun photos for kids at a festival, entertaining uber-business cards at a convention, or a contest among employees, corporate photo booth services can add a memorable dynamic to your operations.

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